Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Passing Away

I still can’t believe Michael Jackson is gone! When my Dad told me I thought he was joking.I’ve always been a huge fan of Michael. I’m shattered. I had booked tickets to watch his show at 02 in London . They got cancelled and re-scheduled. To call him an icon would be an understatement . I still can’t believe it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Perfect Birthday

Ok guys am a year older but like I always say I am like wine I get better with age, or at least that’s what I tell myself! Ha ha…Yesterday was such a fun day, don’t know where to begin…

Actually still reeling from the pleasant but shocking surprise party thrown by Raj. I tell you all my London friends are such good actors; they all gave me a run for my money. Half of them just messaged me in the day not wanting to speak to me obviously thinking they would spill the beans, some of them actually made formal calls and asked me what I was doing in the evening!

Little did I know I had them all waiting for me at the Mayfair, where I thought Raj was taking me for a quiet birthday dinner! I froze when I entered the penthouse suite ‘cause there were 55 of my friends who screamed “Happy Birthday!!!” unbelievable!

The surprise didn’t stop there, the next thing I knew Shamita popped up from nowhere, she flew down especially all the way from Bombay :) and no it hasn’t ended, Raj had Escala the Violinists come in to perform and I love them, they were so sexy and talented! All the girls loved them, but the men more! :) The food was catered by Nobu - my favorite and while I was just getting over it all, they brought out the birthday cake and Raj announced “Babes, Sugar Babes for you!”

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw this girl band walk in… They performed and everyone loved them, my jaw was still open from the shock but never mind that. It was amazing how Raj pulled it off all on his own and still managed to keep it a surprise, genius! On the whole it was definitely my best and most special birthday, it was perfect! I have only Raj and my Friends and Shamita to thank for that. Thanks to all those who have written in and wished me too… I feel very blessed to receive so much love… am just celebrating life now, can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t! :)